StudioEa designs interior elements, textiles and graphics. This includes the design of walls, floors, ceilings and furniture, as well as curtains, carpets, signage, books and illustrations. The studio's hands-on and tactile approach, combined with graphic elements, creates work that feels soft and looks sharp at the same time.

The studio's goal is to contribute to the spaces where we work, wait, eat, get better, study; places where we spend a lot of time and that are accessible to a wide mix of people. Our sense of well-being is strongly connected to our immediate environment. The material world connects us to our senses, which in turn connect us to our bodies and the people around us. 

Ea Polman has cultivated an extensive skillset when it comes to materializing the studio's work and the work of others. She also freelances for architects, fashion designers, interior designers, art directors and visual artists exhibiting work at Biennales and museums. In addition to her studio practice, she works at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy*. 


*Working and studying (alumni) at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Sandberg Institute has taught me that everyone knows. Different cultures, backgrounds and disciplines overlap in themes, theory and materials. Sharing our knowledge generously leads to discovering the world as a whole.

My work consists of answering all kinds of questions around creative materialization processes. I do this by serving on numerous and ever-changing committees concerned with the future of art education. For example: I have been part of the core group writing the academy's new Institutional Plan and creating new student-driven teaching platforms.    

One day a week I answer questions and teach all students of the academy about creative materialization processes. This includes students from Basicyear, Architectural Design, Ceramics, DesignLab, Fashion, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Image and Language, Jewellery, the Large Glass department, Photography, TXT (textiles), VAV – moving image, DOGtime, Critical Studies, Design, Dirty Art Department, Studio for Immediate Spaces, Blacker Blackness, Ecologies of Transformation, F for Fact, Disarming Design, Approaching Language and Resolution

Curious to these wonderfully named departments and what those talented students create? Visit for bachelor and for master programs. 

Between designing, doing research, materializing work and communicating with clients, there is little time for this website and social media. Therefore, the latest projects are not always visible and the work is documented in different ways depending on when it was created. 


It's dynamic and it shows.


Feel free to ask questions outside the scope of this website, in Dutch or in English.

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