The Glow

Curtains cover big surfaces. Giving them huge impact on our surrounding. Especially curtains which are drawn both at day- and nighttime, in order to block the sun. As they take up so much space, they cannot be too loud. There needs to be a balance between absence and presence


The fabric that I have developed speaks of color and pattern during the day. Outside the textile looks white, with only a hint of yellow, and a three dimensional pattern showing. From inside, a strong pattern and vibrant yellow color plays with daylight which shines through – turning the fabric into a vivid and dynamic surface

As soon as the sun goes down the colors disappear. The fabric quiets down. Turning into white surface with a soft whisper of the yellow it showed during the day. 

Now, as the lights inside are turned on, the colors are seen from the outside looking in. Colorful facades change the buildings into glowing colored landscapes.